Why more brands should hire bloggers for content development

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Why more brands should hire bloggers for content development

read the full info here When I started blogging back in 2009, I encountered a lot of critics who either thought the idea was “cute” (barf) or “interesting” (possibly even worse). Keeping an online journal wasn’t something that was taken very seriously until influential bloggers started flooding the internet and leaving their mark (like Dooce, the Pioneer Woman, and Perez Hilton).

Continue All of a sudden, everyone wanted in. Mom bloggers from all walks of life connected online to share their trials and tribulations of sleepless nights and baby firsts. Food bloggers shared recipes and cooking videos online that inspired us to eat healthier and stock our freezers with make-ahead meals. Fashion bloggers helped us create looks that mimicked what we saw on the runway at affordable prices.

you could try these out The thread that ties all bloggers together is an undeniable sense of community. Bloggers love to support, encourage, share, and promote. This presents an enormous opportunity for brands looking to partner with bloggers for content creation. When you hire a team of powerhouse influencers to spread the word about your product, a launch, or event, you are essentially paying a highly targeted group of people to broadcast your name in a very loud and often crowded atmosphere—the social space. Bloggers will publish content on their blogs and then share via social media. Not only is this like hiring a content development department, site de rencontre des gens mariГ©s your content can go viral overnight.

http://www.mycoldprairie.com/pizdboluy/2391 I’ve seen it happen firsthand and have attended blog events that have trended on Twitter in a matter of minutes.

index It’s not a fluke—it’s the power of bloggers tweeting collectively about a brand or topic.

hop over to here So how can this pertain to your particular brand? Let’s put this into perspective.

site de rencontre de couple Imagine you are a clothing designer and you have just released a pair of fashionable fitness leggings. You find 10 influencers and send them product to review on their blogs and broadcast via social media. Those 10 bloggers are now sharing YOUR PRODUCT with ALL OF THEIR FANS. They are writing highly influential reviews about your brand/the product and posting pictures to make your product accessible to the public.

Take the girl sitting on the steps in the photo above, for example. She’s not just selling the heck out of those adorable high-top Converse sneakers. She’s also showcasing a lifestyle, a unique fashion sense, and effortless approachability.

I know I’m not alone when I say that I have purchased MANY products because of a review I read online. Side note: I wrote a post myself about a magic kimono recently and have had countless people reach out to me to ask me where I found this article of clothing (answer: Macy’s). This is your chance to get your product out to the masses with incredibly high social impressions and engagement, including tweets and retweets, Facebook likes and shares, comments on Instagram, and repins on Pinterest.

Blog Meets Brand is just one self-serve platform that carefully selects bloggers to participate in campaigns based on unique monthly views, social influence, and relevancy in the market. I’ve had the privilege of working with them for about a year and have seen the impact these campaigns have had because emission tv rencontre dans le noir bloggers create brand awareness effortlessly. They have established trust with their audience and only promote products they stand behind. This is the kind of influential marketing brands NEED to know about.

Don’t spend money on advertising when you don’t know how many people your product will reach. Working with a network of bloggers can guarantee you a certain amount of shares and posts—and content that will live on the interwebs forever.

That is, as they say, priceless.

If you’re interested in working with bloggers on your next campaign, reach out to the kind folks at BMB and tell them Charlotte sent you (shoot them an email at info@blogmeetsbrand.com).

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  1. This is very helpful. Both as a blogger myself and someone who is just starting out with my own brand. Saving that group for when I’m up to trying it.


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