Why you should create a landing page for your business

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Why you should create a landing page for your business

http://www.hawkerucc.org/monaxinja/8045 I recently had the opportunity to pitch the idea of a landing page to a client, which turned out to be a huge success. I decided to take this opportunity to discuss why having a landing page can help you find leads for your business and how to convert those leads into sales.

http://sport-hippique.nl/malynok/1156 Before we get started (and in case you don’t already know), a landing page is a page created and hosted on the web rencontre a9 with a clear call to action. That part is very important, because it’s what distinguishes a landing page from any other website out there. Maybe you’re hosting a webinar and you want to get people to register. Or perhaps you’re asking readers to subscribe to your mailing list or you’re having an in-store promo. Whatever the purpose, your landing page needs to be clear and focused around a form-fill.

lieder kennenlernen kindergarten The aforementioned client had a rare opportunity to appear on a national food network on a television show about visionaries/entrepreneurs in the food industry. Expected viewership was about one million people. Before the show aired, the client and I discussed several strategies for online marketing leading up to and during the show’s airtime.

http://mariechristinedesign.com/?misleno=site-de-rencontre-zero&c0d=84 My business partner helped create a landing page with a form to collect names and email addresses of prospects. Once these leads submitted their information, they were emailed a promo code, which they could then use to receive free shipping on my client’s product. We created Facebook ads that targeted people who watch the network as well as those who expressed interest in the machine my client’s product was designed for.

site de rencontre ado 66 My client wrote an enthusiastic email to tell me that he sold 400 units his first week (I take absolutely no credit for this; he presented his product very well and managed to land a deal with one of the investors). Creating a landing page at the last minute turned out to be huge return on his investment as viewers were excited they were given an exclusive offer and he had a way of tracking the success rate (i.e., buyers who used the promo code to complete their purchase).

portugal partnersuche He was also able to build his mailing list and funnel them into distinct categories: those who made a purchase and those who didn’t complete the purchase process. This list of leads in incredibly valuable, because you can follow up with them in a series of automated emails: maybe about an upcoming promo, company news, or to obtain other information (“We couldn’t help but notice you did not complete a purchase. Was it something we said? Please let us know so we can better serve you in the future!”)

single frauen aus uelzen BONUS: Looking to create an effective landing page (remember: you only have a few moments to grab your prospects’ attention)? Use vibrant, engaging photographs (like the one in this blog post) that highlight the offer and COMPELLING COPY with action words (we can’t stress this enough) that would make someone want to click through. Try to answer the following question: Why should someone purchase or believe in my product?

wie flirten mУЄnner necken Pixie Consulting is now offering a special limited time offer of 50% off any landing page! Shoot me an email today with “LANDING PAGE” in the subject heading to get started (charlotte@pixieconsulting.net).

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