Why your business needs an online strategy immediately

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Why your business needs an online strategy immediately

home Contrary to popular belief, I don’t just “play around on Facebook all day.” I say this because it’s something I’ve come across quite a bit lately. There are moments when I have to defend my work to a client and tell them why it’s necessary to have a social footprint for their small business. Here are some interesting facts that you might not know.

http://serezin-du-rhone.fr/pifpaxys/5342 Facebook has a whopping 1.15+ billion users (700 million of which are active daily users). Related Site An astounding 82% of buyers say they trust a company more when a CEO or senior leadership team is active on social media. Why is this important? Because less than 36% of executives say their CEO either “doesn’t care or cares little about the company’s reputation in social media.”*

rencontre femme djiboutienne This is an error of epic proportions.

como conocer gente despues delos 30 What if I were to tell you that Get More Information you could be missing out on hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of dollars in monthly revenue because you don’t think having a social presence is important?

singles cuxhaven umgebung Oh, NOW you’re listening.

discover this There is a strategy to marketing online that is very different from the traditional marketing you might be accustomed to seeing and using (as someone who got her start in print publishing, I have seen firsthand how antiquated many of these old school techniques have become).

sites Unlike with traditional methods of advertising, social marketing allows companies to listen to their audience. Print, radio, and TV advertising is limited in that the relationship to the consumer ends when the commercial has finished airing or the user has put down the paper/magazine. If something resonates with the audience (either good or bad), the consumer doesn’t have an immediate way to respond.

Here’s where the power of social marketing comes in.

Customers are now becoming brand advocates by turning to social media to tweet to their favorite companies, share images of products they purchased on Instagram, or post to a company’s Facebook wall. And brands are paying attention to their fans, responding to less-than-favorable reviews online, and coming up with new and creative ways of marketing to them based on their preferences. Social media gives companies valuable insight about their demographic, including where their fans are engaging online and what their interests are.

So while it may look on the surface that I’m just playing around on the interwebs, I’m actually researching your competitors to see what is and isn’t working where their brand messaging is concerned and obtaining valuable information about your targeted demographic (including purchasing behavior).

Have questions? Or need help with your social strategy? Send me an email at charlotte@pixieconsulting.net!

*Statistics courtesy of this amazing GroSocial infographic.

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    I screamed “Yes!! Exactly!!”. So thank you for defending our work and putting it all into words people can make sense of.




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