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How to Listen to Your Audience on Social Media

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I love to connect with brands through social media. I feel as though it tells me a lot about a company when they respond to a tweet, like a photo I’ve posted on Instagram, or answer a query on Facebook. There are so many ways that brands can engage with their audience online—and believe it or not, many consumers count on this interaction to make a purchase.

nolvadex price in india fine-tune Case in point: I rely heavily on calendars and planners in my life, for both personal and professional reasons. While I like to keep track of all engagements in my Google calendar (which syncs to my Gmail account and my phone), I find it helps for me to write out deadlines and dates in a day planner as well. Recently I sent a tweet from my personal account to the company that made my 2014 planner—a simple pocket-sized organizer that I sadly couldn’t find online.

himcolin gel price project I never heard back from the company.

view it Then I turned to Twitter and sent out a tweet asking anyone if they knew where I could find a reasonably priced planner. Despite the fact that I received a favorite (thanks, Art of Power!), incorporate this was a failed opportunity to make a sale. A paper product company that can swoop in and help with my request would have also received a pin on Pinterest, a favorite and mention on Twitter, and maybe even a few referrals.

partnersuche roding Did I mention they would have received at least one sale?

It’s actually very easy to find your audience online. One way to do this is by logging in to Twitter and doing a search for items you carry (in this case, planners). Interact with prospective customers by asking them questions about the product they are interested in. Finally direct them to a link back to your site so they can make a purchase. Voila: you have just made a sale!

site de rencontre sublime gratuit One incredibly important detail to keep in mind is that you really want to create brand loyalty. Customers want to know there’s a human being on the other end of that transaction, which will make it more enjoyable to make a purchase. I recently had an interaction (also via Twitter) with JetBlue. I had just bought a round-trip ticket to the Bahamas and they tweeted back to tell me that JFK has a delicious Mexican restaurant so I can get my fill of guacamole (the fact that I am addicted to avocados is listed in my profile).

site rencontres gratuit belgique JetBlue wasn’t going to get any more of my money (and let’s be honest—they don’t really need to), but this cute online exchange made me feel as though they were in touch with their audience and they cared about leaving a good lasting impression.

Continue Reading And the next time I book a flight, I’ll look to them first.

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