Is Your Business Thinking Outside the Box this Holiday Season?

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Is Your Business Thinking Outside the Box this Holiday Season?

female viagra where to buy rehabilitate holidaysweetsAbout a week ago, I was told the company I had worked with for the past two years would no longer need my social media, marketing, and writing services and my tenure as an independent contractor would soon come to an end. It took me a while to fully process the news—not only was the timing not ideal, it was also unexpected. Now that some time has passed, I’m starting to see that this is a stepping-stone for a bigger—and brighter—career journey ahead. withdraw Yesterday I received a package in the mail from a dear friend who wanted to cheer me up with assorted bath goodies. After reading the card and sifting through the delicately crafted basket, I was struck by something I hadn’t yet seen before: a pair of scissors attached to a note.

januvia cost еncourage “Part of providing the finest in luxury is knowing that the gifts are easy to open and enjoy. Please accept these complimentary scissors to assist you in opening your gift.”

pulmicort price I can’t imagine that a gift so small would break any budget, and yet, it was such a thoughtful gesture to include something that would make the gift basket experience THAT MUCH MORE enjoyable.

i got the hookup security mall It made me wonder what we all could be doing to improve the experiences of our customers this holiday season. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the cold winter months, are we delivering a service that our customers would want to repeat again and again?

click here to find out more Here are just a few small things you could do to give your customers a positive experience this holiday season:

  • Include a handwritten note in your orders along with a gift card to save money on a future purchase.
  • Head over to social media and solve a problem. For example, if you are the owner of a toy store and in possession of a hard-to-find Doc McStuffins item, tweet to someone looking for it. Not only will you be a holiday hero, you’ll make a sale (hopefully even repeat business).
  • If you are the owner of a storefront, make it merry! Wear an ugly Christmas sweater to greet customers, give out menorah dog treats to pups, and decorate the walls and ceilings. Sometimes kitsch IS cool.
  • Have flash sales in stores and online and promote with fun Facebook contests. You’ve already heard of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Small Business Saturday… why not a Stock-up Sunday or a Winter Wednesday Blowout Sale?
  • Include fun gift wrap as a freebie in case people like to wrap their own gifts (or any other add-on that you think would go a long way with customers).
  • Host an in-store (or online) treasure hunt with prizes users can unlock. Maybe they can redeem points for an item or receive 25% off their next purchase—be creative!

a knockout post Do you have any ideas for fun ways to market your business this holiday season? Add them in the comments below!